8 months

These photos are becoming increasingly difficult to take. Mainly due to the fact that Claire’s resting state involves bouncing and that chair cushion is the perfect surface for that. She also likes to explore beyond the edge of the chair, so Dad has to “spot” her lying on the floor, which is incredibly distracting for her. Let’s just say lots of blurred ball-of-energy shots and doing anything to try to get her attention. It’s a real circus, folks.

So I gave her a book. :)


Happy 8 months, Claire! You’re keeping us on our toes and keeping us young, even when our backs ache and we want to crawl in bed at 9:30pm.

I love our life with you in it.

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7 months


Seven months old. Woah! I just could not love this girl any more. The collage of monthly pictures always makes me giddy with anticipation of what the next month and the next photo will reveal. It’s like unlocking little pieces of who she is as she grows. Lately, we are bursting with pent-up-all-winter-long energy. Spring is down-right celebrated in our home, and I can feel my soul breathe a sigh of relief as it welcomes back fresh air, warm sunshine, and the carefree slowing down of our daily pace. Well, at times it feels that pace is still a constant hum of activity, but I think there is a general relaxing that coincides with the ability to be outdoors a little more often. And I could use a little slowing down, so I’ll take it where I can get it!


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6 months

Yeah, yeah, I’m a month behind. I know. I will probably always be at least a month behind. :) She grew again. Six months is so much fun. She is so funny – loves attention, passionately plays to the point of frustration, and concentrates so very hard all day long. Her energy level far surpasses either her dad’s or mine, but we’re learning to keep up with her. I look at that 1-month-old picture and barely believe that was once my sweet, bouncy, inquisitive, giggly, expressive Claire.

My heart is thankful for these pictures David took of us. I don’t love to be in photographs. I too easily see imperfections and things I wish were different in myself, but to have a little piece of my relationship with my daughter frozen so I can step back and take a look means a heck of a lot to me. I want to press into that and be brave enough to be seen – both for myself and for her.


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jeff & cortney

I had the honor of taking these photos of my brother and soon-to-be new sister-in-law just days after they got engaged. My thoughts as I edited them drifted from how very lucky I’ve been in the sister-in-law lottery (praise God! for real!), to how I adore the beautiful combination of goofy delight and serious respect between these two, to just how stunning this girl is. Just so very beautiful. She joins our family and completes it in some ways. We are excited to welcome her. :)


Favorite #1. It was hard to choose, ok?


Favorite #2.


Congratulations you two – thanks for your patience!

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5 months

She is five months this week! I’m feeling it. I’m feeling how fast it’s all going. It’s really beautiful, in so many ways, but heartbreaking at the same time. I read yesterday that it’s a good thing each new stage of watching a child grow up contains so much to look forward to, or else it would be so incredibly sad. That resonated with my heart. I love each new day being a mom to a rapidly changing baby, but it hurts that you can’t have a single one back to do again. Just one of the ways this little one is shifting my perspective. Time was moving at the exact same pace before her, I just didn’t think of it the same way.


We’re planning to start feeding her solid foods soon. I’ve found myself in absolutely no hurry to get there. I picked up some baby spoons at Target, and subtly resented the purchase. I haven’t bought a highchair, and I keep semi-purposely ignoring the aisle at the grocery store with the rice cereal (what we’ll start with). It finally hit me that I think spoon-feeding her will just make her seem like less of a baby.  Who knew a little thing like mashed peas could make a person emotionally resistant to change, but guess what? It can!

Thanks for reading my introspective thoughts today. It helps me process to share them, even knowing to some they will sound like the repetitive complaints of a new mom. :)


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a playful, pink baby shower

This baby shower happened months ago. It’s cool – just pretend it was last week! It was a whirlwind and we pulled this off just a week and a half before Claire was born. Risky, I know, but I like to live on the edge like that. It was a sweet treat to celebrate my friend Amy and the beautiful baby Emma.

I originally decided to go with a light, bubbly pink for decor because I knew I would be able to find anything in that color, and I needed planning this shower to be easy. I ended up really loving it, even though light pink isn’t usually my jam. I accented it with bright poppy and black to make it more modern and playful and less “pastel baby”.


And, introducing my first tassel garland. I will be doing this project again. Loved it!


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4 months

Quick! Before she goes to college!


Claire hit 4 months just a few weeks before Christmas. She seems to change daily (seriously!) and it is amazing to see a little person become more and more who they are created to be. Her personality is materializing and I can only imagine where it’s headed. She’s still just as sweet as ever, but the spunk is starting to show up, too. I think her smile has gotten bigger with each month and it might be maxed out now, as it spreads the span of her entire face. :) But dang, if that cute moment isn’t the hardest thing ever to snap a picture of. My trigger finger is always a second too late.


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